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Bespoke Marketing Initiatives new website...

After a recommendation from an associate, Andrew at Bespoke Marketing Initiatives (BMi) contacted me. We had an intial meeting to discuss what services I could provide and then worked closely with Andrew over the next few weeks creating the new website on Wix (which in my experience is one of the best CMS tools available) and the website was born. It has grown exponentially and become a professional resource. Andrew has since bought new products which have all been added to the website... he emails me when updates are required to the website and I then complete the work asap, charging at an hourly rate.

TIP: Wix ( allows you to create a professional looking website that can include animation, videos, shopping basket (if required), graphics that can be downloaded from their shop, contact forms and a whole lot more. You can either use their service for free (but your webpage will have a couple of Wix banners on there and the URL will include Wix in the name) or you can pay a small charge monthly or annually and have the URL of your choice and no banners. Once the website has been created, it is then quite easy to update yourself.

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